handpainted silks

Shibori is an ancient Japanese pleating technique. Traditionally Shibori was used to create patterns on the fabric. Izabela uses this process to transform her handpainted silk scarves into sculptural objects. Full of pleats, from the smallest, "barely there" creases to impressive folds. Strikingly dynamic and energetic they dance with every step you take. They are full of life with unexpected twists and endless flowing aspects.

Silk has a very good memory, Alarte Shibori Scarves will retain the pleats as long as they are not exposed to moisture. They should be dry cleaned only and stored in dry place rounded loosely. In the event of being caught in the rain wearing your favorite Alarte shibori scarf or any other unexpected event that will relax the pleats, just contact us. We will be happy to re-pleat it for you with no extra charge except shipping costs.  1 888 370 4304


"Each Alarte Silks piece is an ORIGINAL like you, it is not mass produced item neither it is a limited edition. Lots of care, attention to details and love of life is invested in it.

I hope it will bring you lasting enjoyment, peace and happiness."


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"Circle Craft Show" Vancouver

November 11th - November 15th 2015

"One of a Kind Show" Toronto

November 26th - November 30th 2015

"One of a Kind Show" Chicago

December 3rd - December 6th 2015

"ACC Show" Baltimore

February 17th - 18th (trade only) February 19th - 21st (retail) 2016

"ACC Show" San Francisco

August 5th - 7th 2016

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